Could Not Start QuickBooks

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This error usually appears when trying to connect to company files.


Could Not Start QuickBooks.png


If you get this message after an Export of data and closing the destination company then the issue is sometimes, QuickBooks doesn't respond to a standard "Close" request after data is exported. When this happens, click Ctrl-Alt-Del. On the Task Managers "Processes" tab, highlight QBW32.exe and click the "End Process" button. Then start QuickBooks and open the destination company. In the transfer utility, use the buttons on row 6 to import the data.

If this occurs at startup and you have an instance of QuickBooks running - Close the utility and then close any open instances of QuickBooks. Use CTL-ALT-DEL and the Task Manager to ensure all instances of QuickBooks are closed. Reopen the utility while leaving QuickBooks closed.

In general, after estbalishing the connection to your company files, close QuickBooks entirely. As long as you selected "Allow even with QuickBooks closed" option the utility will work. Sometimes QuickBooks does not respond well to a connection and then an immediate request to connect. We have also found that Enterprise works much better with the QuickBooks Enterprise closed.