Customer List Transfer Causes QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

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This error usually occurs with customers with Ship To Addresses. We don't know why it crashes and we have notified Intuit of the issue. It appears to happen when you add a Ship To Address and you leave the name of the address to "Ship to 1" or some other number. There is a work around to get your customer ship to address list imported or you can delete them.

Review the videos below as there are two choices:

1. You can remove the Ship To Addresses and they will not import and they will have to be manually recreated. View this first video to get the details of what is happening and how to delete Ship to Addresses.

Customer Unrecoverable Error Solution Video Background and removing Ship To Address

2. Bring over the Ship to Addresses with a new name in the form of "Ship To Address 1" and so on by number. View this video to keep your Ship To Addresses in the form "Ship To Address 1".

Customer Unrecoverable Error Solution Video Keeping Ship To Addresses

The process is:

1. Import all your other lists but uncheck "Customer" in Line 2 by Selecting the "Choose Data for Export" button. We want to first get all our associated links (Tax Codes, etc) associated with customers into the destination field.
2. Using one of the options above export your Customer list and use the Advanced Feature above to either remove or rename the Ship To Addresses and import the modified Customer List.