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Error 102 typically means your bank’s website is experiencing technical difficulties, undergoing maintenance or there is a server issue with the data transfer between the bank’s website or the reporting agency and QuickBooks Online. Here are some potential resolutions: (1) if you see no indications of a problem or maintenance on your bank or credit-card website, attempt to manually update your account within QBO. (2) Click the Update button in the upper right corner, it is probably best to attempt this update and then repeat it 2 additional times, during non-peak hours. You should also attempt to log-in to your bank’s website via the URL the bank has provided for online banking.

Error 103 occurs when your log in credentials entered in QuickBooks Online aren't being accepted by your financial institution's website. Error 310 means Intuit has stopped trying to process your log in request until you update your log in information in QuickBooks Online so the bank or credit card does not lock out your access to your bank's website. Ty fixing Error 103 by clicking the Fix It link that displays after the error message, then reenter your bank log in credentials. If you don't see the Fix It link or any indications of a problem or maintenance on your bank or credit card's website, you can try to manually update your account within QuickBooks Online. Click the Update button in the upper right corner.

Error 105 occurs when your bank’s website is down. Attempt to log-in to your bank's website outside of QuickBooks Online to verify the 'down state'. If the website is not down, try manually updating your account within QuickBooks Online. Click the Update button in the upper right corner. Check that you can log in to your bank's site through the URL the bank has provided us for online banking. If you're able to log in successfully, look for a message, notification or alert from your bank indicating that something isn't working as it should be. Also, make sure that you can see your account summary, account history, and account transactions without a problem. Wait at least 24-hours before trying again in order to allow the bank time to fix any problems with their servers.

Error 108 means there's a message on your bank's website that requires you to take action. Some examples of bank messages producing this report include “New terms of service”, a “Special offer”, or an announcement regarding maintenance or other site changes. To solve the 108 error, sign in to your bank's website and work through any messages that require your acknowledgement. Make sure all messages are gone then attempt a bank update.

Error 109 means your bank's website is requiring you to update your password with them. To resolve this issue, Sign in to your bank's website and update your password there, then update QuickBooks Online with your new password.

Error 155 typically means that your financial institution is not currently allowing connection with Intuit’s QBO. You might contact your bank to request that they allow the connection.

Error 185 generally means that your financial institution is requiring more information than Intuit’s QBO can store. This error is common with certain Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) account types, which means that there's an additional security requirement beyond user ID and password. You may be able to resolve this error by running 3 to 5 manual updates; once you have completed your first update, run the manual at least two more times and up to four more times. The subsequent updates won't duplicate any transactions. If you're not prompted to answer additional security information, your automatic updates should begin to work normally. If you're asked to answer the security question on the second manual update, then the automatic updates won't work for this financial institution; you'll need to run manual updates for this bank and answer the security question each time.

Error 187 means that the wrong answer was entered for the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) question that was asked. Try these possible resolutions: (1) insure that you can log into your bank’s site through the on-line bank UR the bank has provided; (2) perform a manual update on your account within QuickBooks Online, after you've connected successfully via a manual update, your automatic updates should work from that point forward.

Error 192 means your bank requires a layer of security that is not allowing QuickBooks Online access, because they contain an ever-changing code that's required to access the account and only you can access the code. Error 192 is known to be caused by a security feature called “SafePass” which Bank of America uses, if you are attempting to connect to Bank of America and are getting this error you must first remove the SafePass security feature from you Bank of America account, consult technical support for Bank of America to learn out to furn-off SafePass.

Error 310 typically means that the user’s name and password are not being accepted by their bank. To fix error 310, Verify that the user name and password you are using are accepted at the bank's web site directly. Check that you can log in to your bank's site through the URL the bank has provided us for online banking. If your log in information is accepted, then you need to manually update your account.

Error 323 occurs due to one of the following reasons:(1) you have two accounts with the same account name and account number (or at least the last 4 digits). In this case, attempt to re-name one of the accounts at the bank’s website to uniquely identify the account and then try adding the accounts again in QuickBooks Online. (2) You have added the same account to QuickBooks Online twice, you must disconnect one of the accounts from QuickBooks Online. If neither of these is the cause, you must contact QuickBooks Online support for resolution.

Error 325 indicates that your account is still in the process of downloading transactions from your financial institution. Usually this occurs when you manually refresh the account while the download is ongoing. The solution is to wait until the download finishes.

Error, “A Network Problem Has Occurred.” QuickBooks Online displays this message when a portion of a page has not been fully downloaded to your browser. This problem can occur if there is a communication breakdown between the Intuit servers and your browser.

To resolve: click Reload (F5) to download the entire page. If the problem still occurs, close your browser, open a new browser window, and log in again. If refreshing Internet Explorer does not work then check with your system administrator to see if you are running any firewall software. If a firewall is present have your administrator configure it to allow access for QuickBooks Online:

If you are unable to resolve this error, then contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care.

Error, "An Internal Error Occurred. Please Try Later" can occur when using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser due to the default settings under Browser History. This error can come up when attempting to connect your bank account under Banking > Transactions. To clear this error: (1) From IE, click Tools > Internet Options, (2) Click Browsing History > Settings, (3) Under "Check for newer versions of stored pages" select Every time I visit the webpage, (4) Click OK, (5) Restart your browser session, and (6) Go back to Banking > Transactions and continue setting up your bank account connection. If you are unable to clear this error, then contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care.

Error, Another Customer, Vendor Or Employee Is Already Using This Name. Please Use A Different Name. This error occurs when you have duplicate names.

To resolve this error you must change the display name. Examples of the same name include Jane Doe, Jane D Doe, Jane Diane Doe. If you have more than three employees with the same name you can also utilize periods to differentiate between the employees; for example: Jane D. Doe, Jane Diane. Doe. If you start making these changes Intuit recommends using extreme caution when creating transactions as the names can easily be confused. If you are unable to resolve this error using the steps above, then contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care.

Error: This Customer Cannot Be Deleted Because There Are Unbilled Charges For This Customer. If you're receiving this error you will need to find the unbilled charges and either add them to an invoice, delete the charges, or if it's a bill or time entry you will either delete them or unmark the Bill/Billable option.

To find the Unbilled Charges: (1) Choose Reports on the left navigation panel. (2) Search for "Unbilled" - you will see Unbilled Charges and Unbilled Time as options. (3) Click the report to run. (4) On the top left click Customize. (5) In the Customize Unbilled Charges box, click Lists. (6) From the Customer drop down menu select the customer you're trying to delete. (7) On the bottom click Run Report. You'll now see the unbilled charges. Click on each one, one at a time, and depending on the charge, either delete it or just uncheck the bill/billable box. (8) Once you've run this report, follow the steps below to delete or unmark billable charges.

To delete or unmark billable charges, go through each charge on your Unbilled Charges report: (1) If you see Charge or Credit, you can either add it to an invoice; or click on the Charge or Credit and then on the bottom left click on the Delete button. (2) If you see Time Charge, you can add it to an invoice; or click on the Time Charge and on the left click on the Bill box to uncheck as billable and click Save; or in the Time Charge on the bottom left, click on the Delete button. (3) If you see any Billable Expense Charge, you can add it to an invoice; click on the Billable Expense Charge and on the top right click on View/Edit Bill, Check, Credit Card Charge, etc. and then on the right under Billable, click to uncheck the billable option and click Save; or in the Billable Expense Charge on the bottom left, click on the Delete button. (4) Repeat these steps for the remaining unbilled charges that you want to remove. Once all of the unbilled charges are removed you will be able to delete the desired customer. If you are unable to resolve this error using the steps above, then contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care.

Error Message: "This Employee Cannot Be Deleted Because It Is Associated With A Time Tracking User" Or "Is Used In Unbilled Time Activities (Unbilled Charges)." If you receive the error you must make sure there is no unbilled time. To find all unbilled time tracking activities or unbilled charges: (1) Click Reports on the left menu. (2) Search for "Time Activities by Employee Detail" (3) In the Time Activity Date field in the upper left, select All Dates and click Run Report. (4) Click on any line that has a Yes in the Billable column. (5) Clear the Bill check box on the Single Activity Time Sheet and click Save. (6) Once you save, you'll be brought back to the report. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for every line that says billable. Once all the activity is gone you may delete the employee. If you are unable to resolve this error using the steps above, then contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care.

Error Message: "You May Only Work On One Company At A Time." This Error appears if you press Ctrl+N, open a new tab within the browser or choose File and then New from within the browser to start the second company. When the new window opens it shares all session information with the original window, including authentication information; as such you can only be in one company at a time if you launch the additional window this way. To work around this error you must use a different browser: (1) Stay logged in to the original company, (2) On the Windows desktop, click the Start menu in the lower-left, (3) Select a different browser than you are currently using [for example, if you have QBO currently open in IE, open the second company using FireFox or Google Chrome], (4) Log in to an additional company. If you are unable to resolve this error using the steps above, then contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care.

Error Message When Trying To View or Pay a QBO Invoice. In most cases, the error message explains what to do next. If not, there may be a problem with the network or web site, in which case you’ll have to try again later. If the error is not related to the network or web site, your email service may have a problem handling the payment link and you should follow these steps: (1) Right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) the View/Pay now button in the invoice email to copy the link to the invoice. (2) Paste the link directly in the address bar of your browser. (3) If you still have trouble, try the same steps using a different browser. If you are unable to resolve this error using a different browser, then contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care.

Error When Trying To Change Uncategorized Income And Expense Accounts: "You Can't (Merge, Delete, Change Type) This Account Because It Is Reserved For The Online Banking Feature". You may receive this error message when trying to modify either an uncategorized income or expense account. When downloading transactions from the banking page, these special accounts are used if it cannot figure which account you'd prefer from your transaction history. Since the banking feature needs these accounts, you are limited in what you can change about them. You Can NOT Delete, Merge or Change the account type for these accounts. You Can Change the name, Add a number, Set the account as a sub-account, or Add a Description for these accounts.

Insufficient Data for Image Error Message When Opening Pdf Attachments. If you see this error message when trying to open any PDF document(s) that have been sent as email attachments, it is because you have an older version of Adobe Reader installed. To resolve the problem, you must upgrade Adobe Reader using the installer found on Adobe's web site.

Internet Explorer Script Error When Printing (or attempting to print). This is another PDF related problem. Complete the following steps one at a time in sequence: First - Check to see if there are any recent Adobe Reader updates. If so, then update or repair Adobe Reader. Second - Deselect the Display PDF option for your browser preference: (A) In Acrobat or Reader, go to the Edit menu. (B) Click on Preferences. (C) Click Internet. (D) Click Display PDF in Browser to Unmark it. (E) Click OK. (F) Close Adobe Reader, and (G) Log back in to your company and print. The document should now open in a regular window instead of your browser window.

If you are unable to resolve this error using the steps above, then contact QuickBooks Online Customer Care.