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The parsing error is indicative of data entry issues.

It typically means that data was applied incorrectly in a field(s) and was not what QB was expecting. It could be numbers in alpha, or alpha in numbers. Special characters also may confuse QB. Finally the length of the field may have been exceeded.

Finding the Error

For lists, export the list and use the CHOOSE ITEMS screen to select a range of list entries. return to the main menu and export again. This will export only the items selected. Try to import. If the import is succesful, return to the CHOOSE ITEMS screen and select additional list items. If at any point you receive the error again, the bad data in the selected range. Continue to select portions of the data until you locate the list item causing the error.

For transactions, use a smaller date range and keep exporting and importing until you get the error again. Then continue to use smaller ranges until you isolate the day the transaction is on. Then export the day and hand check individual transactions until you find the bad transaction. Then just take a look and see what you can find that may be the problem.

The hardest error to find is the CLRF (Line Feed - Enter Key - Return Key) character in a field. It is not visible but puts a line feed or return in the field and QB doesn't like this.

The utility will not import anything in the last export where it encountered this error. That is why the process above will work without worrying about duplicate entries.

Check to ensure that there are no special characters in the data for example “<,>,!,#” etc. The second cause could be data mismatch for example a letter in a phone number or zip code. A letter in any field where it needs a number.

Field Size Limitations

Finally check for really long names or field lengths. Here are the field limits.

Maximum number of characters in each field:
Field Name # characters
Account Name 31
Account Numbers 7
Amount (QuickBooks 2009 or newer, Enterprise Solutions 9.0 or newer) $9,999,999,999,999.99
Maximum amount per transaction (QuickBooks 2008 or older, Enterprise Solutions 8.0 or older) $99,999,999.99
Custom field (Items) 30
Customer message (Invoices) 101
Customer, Vendor, and Other names 41
Item name ** 31
Employee Name (first and last) 25
Item description (Invoices) 4095
Item Part number 31
Job Description 99
Memo* 4095
Note Field 4095
Notes in Shipping/Billing Address 41
Username 29
Password 16
Ship to Name 41
Text Box 1000
Invoice Number Field 11
Lot Numbers 40
Report Company Name 60
Report Title 60
Report Subtitle 60
Report Extra Footer 60

*While the memo field will contain 4095 characters, only 56 will display on checks. 96 characters will display on a Transaction Detail report.
*While the Notes field on the timesheet contains 4095 characters, only 96 characters will display on the Time by Job Detail reports.
**Item name may contain special characters, but it is recommended that the first character not be a special character.